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We make impressive tree trunk tables from natural wood sawn into boards, processed with epoxy resin in different colors, so you can come to us for river tables. You can choose to let the epoxy follow the shape of the wood smoothly or in a playful way. This technology allows us to make the most unique tables. Because the table is completely in the transparent epoxy, the wood appears to float in a piece of glass, which makes the drawing of the wood grain look great.

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Rivertable Woodworks | Mediterranean Scandinavian | Huge Epoxy Woodslab TWENTE | RIVER EPOXY TABLES Dutch Mill is a farm where we design robust solid epoxy tables, iridescent pearl and steel bases. We can build large format conference tables 6 meters by 2 meters. We bring nature back in to the living room, we have sawn well-dried wood types from tree trunks into planks. After drying for another 3½ years before we got our hands on it. All types of wood are from Twentsche soil, and are obtained in a responsible manner. When we make an epoxy tree trunk table, we carefully select the right parts of the tree and connect them together. Then we work on the shape. Because we do not use fixed shapes, each table is unique, we are guided by the natural shape of the tree. Are you looking for a special size or shape, that suits your interior? Call us, send us an email or app and let us know what you are looking for. The price of a GalleryCookery epoxy tables baffles you, epoxy tree trunk tables are between € 900, - € 1200, - including VAT. per square meter. The steel base is exclusive and can be custom made, delivery and assembly on location and free shipping in the Netherlands.

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STEEL LEGS The steel gives the glossy top an industrial look. The base of our epoxy tables is made of steel. We love this in combination with the wood and epoxy. choice of tree trunks with epoxy treatment: ± 90 years old Knotlinde 1200, - per meter ± 150 years old Chestnut wood 1050, - per meter ± 200 years old Beuk 900, - per meter ± 60 years old Ruwe Berk 900, - per meter Spices 1700 per meter All colors imaginable. We can cast epoxy tree trunk tables up to 4 meters long for your river tables. Molded in a rectangular shape, or Organic flowing shape, following the grain of the wood. We are happy to design one for you. Call or visit our epoxy workplace in Twente. We also hold workshops in epoxy. choice of tree trunk planks to pour in yourself contact us 1/4 of the price per 3 cm thickness: ± 90 years old Knotlinde 1200, - per meter ± 150 years old Chestnut wood 1050, - per meter ± 200 years old Beuk 900, - per meter ± 60 years old Ruwe Berken 900, - per meter Our epoxy tables are of countertop quality 30% stronger than regular epoxy resins and fire proof. We can also provide your counter top with a fire proof epoxy stone marble look, or give a shop counter epoxy treatment. The Epoxy Specialist from Twente.

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