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At GALLERYCOOKERY we are fascinated by the possibility of being able to represent an idea with our own hands. The origin of each piece is born in our imagination as well as from the desire to listen to the demand of a constantly evolving market such as high cuisine where creativity is an essential pillar.

GALLERYCOOKERY is a name and place that speaks of extraordinary art, unparalleled service, expertise and global reach. providing a popular showcase for the unique and the beautiful. including all areas of fine, bright and light art.

We make impressive tree trunk tables from natural wood sawn into boards, processed with epoxy resin in different colors, so you can come to us for river tables. You can choose to let the epoxy follow the shape of the wood smoothly or in a playful way. This technology allows us to make the most unique tables. Because the table is completely in the transparent epoxy, the wood appears to float in a piece of glass, which makes the drawing of the wood grain look great.

Is a tableware line inspired by the wonders of the sea and the deep abyss. Contemporary dinnerware designs offer you and your guests new dining experiences: organic shapes inspired of shells, handmade stoneware porcelain, eco friendly production, horeca-safe and more. Qualified for the needs of chefs in gastronomy: restaurants or hotels, cruisers or on events. This dinnerware is usable for nearly every gastronomy service. Dutch design and guarantee certifications offer you a high quality product.

Our team

Christine Roeloffzen

Christine Roeloffzen

Position: Artist Art Academy AKI

About: Disciplines: Ceramics, Epoxy art, Glass sculpture, Bronze sculpture, Textile three dimensional forms Sieve printing by hand Experimental photography Oil painting mixed techniques and aquarelle. For most paintings in oil. Mission is to bring art on a higher plan, in bright & light art of fantastic realism.

Gordon Bok

Gordon Bok

Position: Art manager & Artist.

About: Chef cook and born artist in The Netherlands: WATER & EARTH TABLEWARE Is the answer to upcoming new desires and expectations of the clients and guests in these times. Quality and design in a symbiosis of cooking and porcelain knowledge: The creator Gordon Bok is a passionated chef from The Netherlands. He introduced his professional cooking knowledge into the needs of the design. Royal Goedewaagen has a rich history since 1610 and is a dutch leader in porcelain expertise. Water & Earth: dive into an experience of dining with a high quality dinnerware.